At Thunderbook we take the post-sale services very seriously. 

We include in all equipment a specialized support service for the resolution of hardware incidents. Our usual response time is 48-72 hours after the opening of an incident, and the current repair time revolves around 7/15 days from when they call us notifying the fault until the repaired equipment arrives at home. the client's.

How to report an incident?

Please note that the equipment warranty covers hardware errors, but does not cover software errors or errors in particular customer configurations, as these are due exclusively to the customer's own environment, so if you have a problem with your software or operating system should contact directly with the company that created the software or operating system itself. Therefore, before contacting, make sure that your problem is not software. An easy way to do this is to reinstall the operating system from scratch.

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    IMPORTANT: You must indicate in the email the serial number of the equipment that you will find:

On a silver adhesive label on the back of the device if it is a tablet and on the bottom if it is a portable one. Otherwise we will not be able to assist you adequately, as we need this information to manage the incident correctly.

Write an email to soporte@thunderbook.biz commenting on your case. Tell us the serial number of the equipment and your telephone number in the same email. We will answer you preferably by email, although if necessary we will answer you by phone.

We will manage your incident and a technician will contact you in an approximate period of 24/48 h.

If you need a driver of our equipment you can send us an email to receive access to our digital download service from where you can select the desired drivers for the corresponding operating system.

PLEASE: We kindly ask that all shipments related to orders and / or repairs be sent to the following address:

Parque Científico y Tecnológico

C/ Pic de Peguera 15

Ed. Casademont 

Puerta B, Planta 1, Despacho nº 2

17003, Girona España

Report your incident to our technicians.

The completion and sending of this form DOES NOT imply an authorization of the warranty management, this is subject to the authorization of the Thunderbook technical department.

The following assumptions will be excluded from the collateral management:

- Products that present physical breakage

- Consumables

- The incorrect use, abusive use or use or manipulation of the product in a manner contrary to the instructions contained in the user or use manuals and / or other relevant documents, including without limitation, improper storage, excessive drops or blows

- Corrosión

- Liquid infiltration due to incorrect use

- Short circuits due to electrical faults in the installation

To manage the guarantee, it is essential to have proof of purchase (invoice or delivery note).

Claim period:

The deadline to claim the lack of components, or material in the package is 14 days from the date of delivery.

For additional information about our warranty conditions, access the following link: Warranty conditions.


Important notes:

1. Applications that include this incomplete form will not be processed.

2. Incident descriptions such as "not working" or "error" will not be accepted. You must specify in detail what happens to the product.

3. Devices must be restored to factory settings before handling warranty shipment.

4. Incidents related to the software are not under warranty.

5. Equipment returned by the customer that is out of warranty (physical breakage, out of time, etc.) the repair or replacement of the same will have an extra cost of repair. You will receive an email with the following options:

- Pay the costs of repair or replacement.

- Recover the damaged material once the shipping and diagnosis costs have been paid.

- Recycling of the material by Thunderbook.

If we do not receive a response to said communication within a period of 60 calendar days from the last communication by the client, we will recycle it. Recycled equipment cannot be recovered.

6.The equipment received, in which no anomalies are observed once the relevant tests have been carried out by the technical service, the customer will receive a communication via email in which they will be offered the option of recovering the material once the shipping costs have been paid and diagnosis.

7. The return of incomplete equipment or missing accessories will not be accepted.