At Thunderbook we take After Sales Support very seriously.

We include in all the computers a specialized service of support for the resolution of incidences of hardware. Usually our response time ranges from 48-72 hours to an incident, and we are currently taking about 7/15 days from when we call notifying the breakdown until the repaired equipment arrives at the customer's location.

How to report an incident?

Please note that the equipment warranty covers hardware errors, but does not cover software errors or errors in particular customer configurations, as these are due exclusively to the customer's own environment, so if you have a problem with your software or operating system should contact directly with the company that created the software or operating system itself. Therefore, before contacting, make sure that your problem is not software. An easy way to do this is to reinstall the operating system from scratch.

IIMPORTANT: you must indicate in the email the serial number of the equipment you will find:

On a white sticker on the back of the computer if it is tablet and on the bottom if it is portable. Otherwise we will not be able to attend you properly, because we need this information to manage the incident correctly.

Write an email to commenting on your case. Tell us the serial number of the equipment and your phone in the same email. We will answer you preferably by email, although if necessary we will answer you by phone.

We will take note of your problem and a technician will contact you within 24/48 hours.

If you need a driver of our equipment you can send us an email to receive access to our digital download service from where you can select the desired drivers for the corresponding operating system.

Notifique su incidencia a nuestros técnicos.