1. SERVICE. SATIRTEC will provide these repair services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") for the hardware product identified on the delivery note or invoice with its serial number.

This Agreement covers telephone and email support, firmware and software updates (only from the original operating system supplied with the equipment) and hardware warranty. If a product does not work during the warranty period SATIRTEC must, at its option and at its expense (except shipping costs) repair the product or replace it. The replacement units will be new or reconditioned units whose performance is equivalent to that of a new one. Engineering changes specified by the factory may be applied at the time of repair. The Service will be available during normal SATIRTEC office hours (from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday), except holidays, within the specified travel zone. If the product is located outside the specified displacement zone, the service may be subject to additional support fees, longer response times and reduced coverage hours. The Service may be provided by SATIRTEC or by an authorized SATIRTEC representative.

2. CONTRACT. The client will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of this contract, the service description section, the procedure and these terms and conditions, once the call from the customer in which the service is requested is received.

3. REGISTRY.  SATIRTEC's obligation to provide the service is subject to the receipt by the customer of all the required information regarding the customer and the product. To register a technical incident or RMA, it is necessary to send an email to: soporte@thunderbook.biz with the following information: part number and serial number of the product, detailed technical description of the fault. A description such as: "does not work", "does not go", "fails" is not considered necessary information to start the process of warranty management. It is necessary for the client to describe in detail the software to be used, the application of the equipment, and the problems and configurations found. If the description does not meet these requirements, it is possible that it generates a situation of: “the product has no breakdown”. If the cause of the equipment failure is unknown, please contact the support center. It is very possible that the technical incident can be resolved without the need to send the product for repair.

4. DURATION. The duration of the present Agreement is specified in the Service Description section.  SATIRTEC can ask for a proof of the purchase of the equipment.

5. PREREQUISITES. The Client must meet all the requirements and responsibilities mentioned beforehand in the service description of the present agreement as a prerequisite to the service reception by SATIRTEC. The Client will be asked to have a representative in its offices while SATIRTEC is realizing the service. SATIRTEC must be notified if the products are installed in an potentially.  unsafe environment for the health of its workers or representatives. The Client must have a backup of the equipment configuration to restore it later on. SATIRTEC is not responsible for data or configuration loss. The substitution service is to be made only the SATIRTEC’s working hours.

6. QUALIFIED PRODUCTS. This Agreement offers coverage only for those products specified in the identification sheet (delivery note or invoice). At the beginning of the validity period, the Product must be in normal operating conditions, as established by SATIRTEC. Standard rates may be applied so that unqualified Products meet these requirements. Certain products must also be at the manufacturer's specific level of revision or must be used within the published maximum use limits. Service will not be provided if a product has been modified without authorization, or if the customer does not allow SATIRTEC to make engineering changes specified by the factory. If SATIRTEC determines that the service has been hindered by an unqualified device connected or installed in the product, the customer must temporarily remove said unqualified device, assuming the risk and the expenses derived from it, so that SATIRTEC can provide the service. The customer is solely responsible for the compatibility of unqualified products and devices with the product. SATIRTEC is not obliged to provide the necessary service for reasons of incorrect use, operation outside the published specifications for the product, inadequate conditions or maintenance of the place by the customer, use of means and supplies not approved by the manufacturer or by use of other products, work performed by non-SATIRTEC personnel without proper authorization, natural disasters or other causes beyond SATIRTEC's reasonable control Time and material for the service will be made available to the client, at SATIRTEC's standard rates, for products unskilled and for any other additional services.

7. WARRANTY EXEMPTIONS: The returned product will be exempt from the warranty service when: 1) The product has been determined to be defective outside the warranty period; 2) The label with the product data and serial number have disappeared or are unrecognizable. 3) It is detected that the product has suffered misuse, abuse or unauthorized repairs, be it by accident or other causes. Said conditions will be determined by the discretionary power of SATIRTEC. 4) The product has been updated, modified, repaired, disassembled and analyzed at the customer's request by an unauthorized service center or person; 5) The product is damaged without the possibility of repair due to natural disasters, for example, lightning strikes, floods, earthquakes, voltage drops or surges, interruptions or problems in the power supply, etc. 6) The products belong to an OEM and ODM without signed RMA agreement. 7) The failure has been caused by a malfunction in the operating system, be it from an uninstallation of a device or driver, the infection of a virus or third-party software that affects the performance of the equipment, or the correct use of the operating system of fabric. Neither would an unauthorized re-installation by the customer come under warranty, nor using a version of the operating system not authorized by the SATIRTEC support center.

8. REPAIR SERVICE ON THE INITIAL ARRIVAL OF THE MATERIAL (DOA or Dead on Arrival): Products received by the customer that do not work correctly, or have some malfunction of the basic features of the product will have a 1-month warranty. The benefits defined in the technical specification sheet of the product are the functionalities covered by this service. Any alteration, equipment repaired or altered by third parties outside SATIRTEC are excluded from this service. As well as the misuse, abuse or improper installation or operation of the product. SATIRTEC does not assume any responsibility as a consequence of said terms according to the terms described here of the guarantee. It is recommended that the customer verify the correct operation of the product upon receipt. If a problem is found, it is important to check with the support center for the problem found before sending the product for repair.

9. RETURN PERIOD OF THE REPAIR: The standard repair time will be 15 business days after receiving the product to be repaired. This time may be affected by factors such as the following: the customer does not provide enough information to be able to repair the product; confirmation of repair estimate is not performed; payment of the repair is not made; the original product supplied is modified; delays or failures in responding to SATIRTEC on precise and exact details of the failure, such as operating system, work environment, failure or exact error of the problem. 

10. CUSTODY OF PRODUCTS SENT TO REPAIR: SATIRTEC will keep in custody a product sent for repair for a maximum period of two months while waiting for confirmation of repair, acceptance of estimate or invoice payment. If the client does not respond in said period, SATIRTEC will have the right to automatically close the technical incident. SATIRTEC will take the necessary measures to be in contact with the client during those two months. 

11. REPAIR COSTS: SATIRTEC will charge for repair services when: 1) The repaired product is outside the warranty period; 2) The product is analyzed or calibrated outside the warranty period and in case of No Detected Problem (NPD). In addition, the customer must pay the shipping costs of an NPD product; 3) The product, although repaired within the warranty period, has been subject to misuse, abuse or unauthorized repairs; 4) Updates, tests and modifications requested by the customer out of warranty; 5) The product is damaged beyond the possibilities of repair due to natural disasters, for example, lightning strikes, floods, earthquakes, etc. If the product was repaired by SATIRTEC and during the three months after said repair, the product requires another intervention for the same reason that the previous SATIRTEC will not charge for such future repairs. However, this service does not apply to product that has been exposed to misuse, abuse, or unauthorized repair.

12. REPAIR SERVICE FOR DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS: SATIRTEC offers two years of continuous repair for the components of the product after the announcement of the discontinuation of the product in question. Typically, the product discontinuation notice is made six months before the customer's last purchase.

13. REPORT ON THE REPAIR: SATIRTEC will return each device to the customer with a detailed report of the fault in question. The solution implemented to resolve the technical issue will also be explained. 

14. UNITS. The replaced units will become the property of SATIRTEC, unless purchased by the customer. The replaced parts will be charged if the defective ones are not purchased by the customer nor are they returned to SATIRTEC within 30 days.

15. LIABILITY AND COMPENSATIONS. SATIRTEC is not responsible for the breach or the delays in the fulfillment of its obligations mentioned in this contract that are attributable to the client due to causes beyond its reasonable control. Unless expressly stated in this contract, neither SATIRTEC nor its subsidiaries, subcontractors or suppliers, will be responsible for the loss or exposure of confidential or private information or data contained in the client's products. Neither of the costs, including those derived from downtime, related to data loss, software restoration or the purchase of substitute products or services. The legal solutions contained in these terms and conditions correspond solely and exclusively to the client.

16. DATA SECURITY AND RECONSTRUCTION. The customer is solely responsible for the reconstitution of lost or changed data and settings, as well as the security of classified information, confidential information and proprietary information by the customer.

17. TERRITORY. The service will only be offered in Spain, only in those areas where SATIRTEC has an Assistance Office or an authorized representative.

18. RESOLUTION. SATIRTEC may terminate this contract at any time if the client breaches any of its material obligations specified therein or fails to observe any of its conditions.

19. APPLICABLE LAW. For any dispute that may arise regarding the content or interpretation of this Service Contract, the parties submit to the courts of Barcelona. 




Warranty product service coverage: 

Thunderbook is the registered trademark of the products supplied by SATIRTEC S.L., from now on only SATIRTEC.

SATIRTEC offers customer repair of hardware, including parts and shop labor, caused by manufacturing defects. SATIRTEC offers the return service to SATIRTEC repair service. Service calls are initially forwarded to the SATIRTEC Technical Department. When making a service request call, the customer will be asked for the serial number of the equipment, normally located at the rear of the equipment, and an attempt will be made to resolve the failure by following telephone, email or remote instructions.


This Agreement begins from the date of purchase of the product and continues for a period of 3 years. However, the warranty for the batteries and the touch screen is 1 year. The standard 3-year warranty can be extended up to a maximum of 5 years in total, according to additional contracting by the customer (optional). The products supplied by SATIRTEC are covered by the guarantee from the date of shipment. In the product serial number, the first two digits determine the year and the third and fourth digits determine the week of the current year. For example: STT1801XXXX determine the year 2018 and week number one of the current year. 

Client’s Responsability: 

Autorización Reparación: There are no parts inside the product that can be repaired by the user. Do not allow any service center or unauthorized person to repair or modify the product.

Reparation Sites: The response and return times depend on the distance between the location of the product and the nearest SATIRTEC service center. For Spain the response time for hardware repair is 15 days, other countries consult.

Workshop repair: The customer is responsible for packing and shipping the defective product unit to the designated SATIRTEC Repair Center, at the customer's expense of shipping. The cost of transportation to return the repaired unit of product will be borne by SATIRTEC.

Backups: It is the sole responsibility of the client to make backup copies of their data. Before allowing a repair service, including access verification or remote repair, the customer must back up their data and remove any confidential, proprietary or personal information. SATIRTEC will not be responsible in any case for any type of damage, loss or exposure of information or data of a confidential or private nature contained in any product, hardware, software or multimedia device.


The Contract is personal to the client and cannot be assigned or transferred in any way.