The devices help improve security, save time, and increase overall productivity while improving customer service.

They must be fully rugged, so they must be MIL-STD 810G Military certified with magnesium alloy housings, manufactured to resist vibration and drops, whether on the road or in the field.

Tablets help improve security, save time and increase overall productivity while improving customer service. The devices are designed for industrial environment applications and harsh environmental conditions. Thanks to their IP certifications, they are sealed, secured, configured and certified to operate successfully in the most extreme working conditions. In addition to being completely resistant thanks to its MIL-STD 810G Military certification with magnesium alloy housings manufactured to resist vibrations and shocks, whether on the road or in the field.


The tablets are ideal for the transportation industries both on and off the road, allowing carriers to succeed in working conditions that allow little margin for error. A tablet will allow you to pick and pack orders quickly and move inventory from the distribution centre aisles to the trailer to the loading area, without compromising quality.


Ideal to withstand the harsh environment of ports due to corrosion of sea salt and cold chambers, etc.. Rugged devices with versatile tools are required for supply chain management, ship tracking and maintenance.


A tablet is a valuable tool in streamlining aircraft operations, airlines and compliance with safety and regulatory requirements. In addition to providing protection against delays, for all mobile work processes related to cargo and passengers between landing and take-off.


From tracking material to monitoring delivery to customers and goods, tablets can help you control your work and keep pace with daily operations. Tablets with 4G LTE communication, long battery life and accurate GPS location are required.


> Communicate with workers in real time

> Minimize manual bureaucratic costs

> Eliminate data entry errors

> Optimize asset utilization

> Improve customer service

> Scan barcodes and capture signatures

> Capture images of damaged items

> Minimize downtime

> Replace a set of devices with a single one. Example: pc desktop, barcode gun, camera photos, pc wall panel, etc.

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sunlight-readable display

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A tablet with a sunlight-readable screen would benefit mobile workers who need to use it outdoors and without any distraction.

vehicle mounting

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It is necessary to have a tablet suitable for anchoring and mounting on all types of vehicles and to optimise its usefulness and safety.


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A tablet with ultra-fast connectivity, allows you to get information about your assets and the management system of the team at high speed, all thanks to its multiple connections, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Modem 3G / 4G. You can be connected at any time no matter where you are.


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Thanks to the barcode reader, RFID reader and integrated dual cameras, tablets are able to capture a large amount of information. This makes it an all-in-one device with multi-functional capability to offer complete versatility in the field.


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It is vital that a tablet be able to work in any environment. Thanks to the selection of special components, their thermal design, their heat system and the testing process, the devices are suitable to continue working at temperatures between -20ºC and 60ºC.