Tablet Rugerizada 8" COLOSSUS A800 (copia)

Main Features:

  • 8" Screen (1280 x 800)
  • Android 8 (Oreo)
  • LTE + GPS (included)
  • Lightweight and Thin
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Industrial Android PC Tablet

COLOSSUS A800 - Rugged 8" PC Tablet

The Colossus A800 rugged tablet provides enough screen space for business applications, but is small and light enough for everyday mobility. In addition, it has an 8" capacitive screen projected multi-touch up to five points, with a resolution of 1280 x 800 HD and brightness of 350 nits.


Thunderbook tablet

In most industrial work environments it is necessary to have a 1D and 2D barcode reader. In many cases, the customer needs a PDA or gun for code readings, a desktop PC and perhaps some other device to work with. Replacing all these devices with a rugged tablet is the ideal solution for cost savings.


Thunderbook tablet

The Colossus A800 rugged tablet offers the option of including a dedicated GPS and 4G Modem (LTE). With Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual and Bluetooth 4.0, mobile workers will get faster processing, wider coverage and more stable data transfer, even around buildings or trees.


Applications have changed the way we access and store data remotely. The Android operating system makes it easy to build a custom application or use one of the many applications that can help you get your work done quickly.


The rugged Tablet Colossus A800 has a Quad Core Mediate processor and a spectacular graphics quality with its GPU MediaTek ARM Mali-T720 MP3 up to 450MHz. It takes full advantage of the 64-bit architecture of its Quad Core Mediatek processor, offering great performance in multitasking and multimedia playback.

thunderbook tablet
Thunderbook xTablet


In your tablet a universe of experiences awaits you and we want you to enjoy them without limits. That's why we've included a high-capacity 8500 mAh battery that lets you spend hours and hours working on your applications. Our priority is always autonomy.

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