They are vital tools that are durable and can withstand any environment and/or situation.

In the field service activities light rugged tablets are vital tools, the ones that are durable and can withstand any environment and / or situation, this also applies to computing devices and mobile communications. Whether professional services, utilities, maintenance and repair services, or telecommunications operations, they all face similar challenges: unforseen complicated weather situations, tight schedules, real-time communication, and the need for data access.


It is necessary to provide cellular operators, Internet providers, cable operators, satellite providers, etc. with a durable mobile computing platform optimized for the particular challenges and communications needs specific to the global telecommunications industry. Vital to being certified to use 3G/4G LTE worldwide, industrial tablets provide a robust, reliable long-term computing platform that telecom providers need during construction of new towers, maintenance of existing facilities, network testing or optimization, and other critical telecom business operations.

Es vital que estén certificadas para el uso de 3G/4G LTE en todo el mundo, las tablets industriales proporcionan a largo plazo una plataforma de computación robusta, confiable que los proveedores de telecomunicaciones necesitan durante la construcción de nuevas torres, el mantenimiento de las instalaciones existentes, las pruebas u optimización de la red, y otras operaciones críticas del negocio de las telecomunicaciones.


Most utility work (gas, water, electric power, etc.) is done outside the office, forcing technicians to complete critical work processes in a minimum amount of time, regardless of whether they are standing or in a vehicle in the midst of extreme working conditions.

Real-time communications and critical data must be accessible from the highest energy pole, from the most remote pipe, or even from buried sewer lines several feet deep. If companies want to minimize resource downtime and maximize employee field service productivity, rugged tablets are valuable tools for streamlining operations.


When maintenance service contingencies arise, rugged tablets are an inexpensive way to optimize resources, manage field personnel, place work orders, and ensure the supply of necessary parts and equipment.


> Increase efficiency and productivity

> Improve customer satisfaction and service levels

> Optimise resource utilisation and save on fuel costs

> Real-time access to data at the point of service

> Improve data accuracy and eliminate duplication of work

> Capture images of damaged items

> Accelerate payment cycles

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You need a long battery life to be more productive and do your job, whatever it is, all day long. And when one charge isn't enough, an easily user removable battery is key.

SUNlight-readable display

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A tablet with a readable screen in direct sunlight would benefit mobile workers who need to use it outdoors and without any distraction.


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Thanks to the barcode reader, RFID reader and integrated dual cameras, tablets are able to capture a large amount of information. This makes it an all-in-one device with multi-functional capability to offer complete versatility in the field.


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A tablet with ultra-fast connectivity, allows you to get information about your assets and the management system of the team at high speed, all thanks to its multiple connections, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Modem 3G / 4G. You can be connected at any time no matter where you are.


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A fast and accurate built-in GPS will reduce time and costs for workers who need to get to a certain location.