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We are manufacturers of rugged, value-added mobility products. Specifically, we distribute rugged tablets. Satirtec S.L. distributes its own brand of industrial and robust computer equipment, under the name of Thunderbook.



Thunderbook's product portfolio stems from the knowledge and experience acquired over more than a decade of the conjunction of computer and information systems, as well as industrial automation. The result is a wide range of innovative, flexible and easily scalable products that can be adapted to the needs of each project.


  • Pre-Sales Support: free advice on the best product to suit your needs.

  • Personalization: different levels of equipment personalization make the customer receive a product tailored to their needs, at the right price.reciba un producto adecuado a sus necesidades, al precio correcto.

  • Delivery time: material in stock for the most common product references, but deliverable in four weeks.

  • Warranty: by default is two years, with possibility to extend it up to three.

  • Post-Sale Repair: we have our own technical service for the resolution of problems or repairs that may arise during the useful life of the product, with the aim of reducing resolution and response times.

  • Demo Equipment: Possibility to purchase equipment on loan for a maximum of seven days to perform performance and functionality tests.


Thunderbook products have passed a large number of homologation tests to become part of our product portfolio. This is why we are able to offer our customers high quality products.

High efficiency combined with product quality means that Thunderbook can offer high- end equipment suitable for all types of working environments. Thunderbook’s tablets are long- lasting and have a very low failure rate.