"Cloud Computing" or "the cloud" offers a minimum time of technical support, because it helps to install and manage their business applications, in addition to being able to work exactly like a desktop PC but with the great mobility of a tablet and without the need to have a powerful tablet as it is possible to run applications installed from a server.                                             

"Cloud Computing" or "cloud", is a set of programs and services hosted on a server connected to the Network. It is accessible from any computer (whatever operating system it runs) with an Internet connection, without the need to install executable applications on your hard drive and where the information generated by these same applications or services is also stored.



 Las tablets rugerizadas basadas en Cloud Computing ofrecen un mayor valor a los dispositivos en el mercado, ya que requieren un mínimo tiempo de soporte técnico, debido a que las tablets son fáciles de instalar y gestionar.